It was very enjoyable to meet the young, sweetm smart children doing so well. I wish them all the best…

Smt. Rajashree Birla


The subject chosen by the organizing committee doing the open drawing competition could only increase their imagination powers and promotes them to reach to the peak of their artistic skills.

Charuhas Pandit ( Cartoonist)


The self – inspiring enthusiasm of the children and the management potential of Mahesh Balbhavan was superb.

Shri. Bhaiyasaheb Omkar


My best wishes to the clever students and the inspiring teachers staff who is managing very well on every front to develop children.

Shri. Vikas Kashalkar


The syllabus of Mahesh Balbhavan is remarkably well and in an excellent way create interest in their children for sports and the overall personality.

Shri. Makrand Velnakar


Children’s & intelligence levels, confidence, experiences making them truly independent.